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Starting next week, You will be able to file a New York food stamps  application online through the site,
which also has an anonymous, interactive worksheet to determine
potential eligibility for a variety of other state assistance programs and
enables current recipients to check the status of their accounts.

the site will handle only New York food stamp applications, but it may later
expand to include those for other benefits as well.

More than likely A
computer kiosk will be set up in the lobby of the DSS offices so
applicants can easily  fill out there applications , and outreach
workers may be able to process applications where , Lent said.

the move may further increase caseload, an associated administrative
site also online next weekinternet access is avaible,

will be a big boost to the department, which is having a time to handle a
recent spike in applications. According to its latest statistics, 3,800
people received food stamps in July, 70 more than in June. Of that,
3,270 received no other state benefits, a 22.4 percent rise from the
same time last year, and a 59 percent jump from four years ago.

On an average Social service staff is handling
an average of 10 food stamp applications a day, many of them from
people who have never received benefits .

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New York Food Stamps

New York Food Stamps No Comments »

This site is designed to provide you with information regarding New York food stamps. New York food stamp is a program that helps provide food for low income individuals and their family members. In order to receive New York food stamps an individual must fill out and submit an application form which will be reviewed to determine if you meet the criteria set for the food stamp program.

What is the criteria

In order to qualify for the food stamp program you must meet certain guidelines, these guidelines have to do with your income your assets and the size of your household.

Maximum gross and net monthly income limits

Household size Gross monthly income Net monthly income

1 $1127 $867

2 $1517 $1167

3 $1907 $1467

4 $2297 $1767

5 $2687 $2067

6 $3077 $2367

7 $3467 $2667

8 $3857 $2967

Each additional member+$390 +$300

Besides your income you must also be a legal US citizen or resident there are some exceptions regarding immigrants who have been in the US for at least five years and fall on their one of the following categories.

* lawful permanent resident of the United States under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), including Amerasian,

* refugee admitted under section 207 of the INA,

* granted asylum under section 208 of the INA,

* paroled under section 212(d)(5) of the INA for at least one year,

* deportation withheld under 243(h) or 241(b)(3) of the INA in effect prior to April 1,1997,

* granted conditional entry under 203(a)(7) in effect prior to 4/1/80,

* Cuban/Haitian entrant as defined in 501(e) of the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980, or

* immigrant, parent, or child of an immigrant who has been battered or subjected to extreme cruelty in the U.S. by a spouse, parent, or by a member of the spouse or parent’s family residing in the same EU as the immigrant at the time of the abuse. There must be a substantial connection between the battery or extreme cruelty and the need for food stamp benefits and the individual must not reside in the same household as the abuser. In order to qualify you also have to have assets no greater than the amount set, households with a disabled member or a member age 60 or older may have up to $3,000 worth of assets and still qualify for food stamps. Other households may have up to $2,000.Once you have reviewed the criteria and have made a decision that you believe that you qualify you are ready for the next step which is to fill out application.

Application process

The first step in completing an application for New York food stamps is to go online and download the application. This can be done Online Application.The application is pretty simple if you have gathered the information that I discussed above income, expenses, and social security numbers for everyone in your household. The individuals in your household that count as household members are


§ Parents

§ Children under 22 years old

§ Children, except foster children, under age 18 who are under the parental control of a person other than their parents who is exercising parental control. For example, grandparents may apply for grandchildren in their care, even if they do not have “legal” custody. The application should take you about 20 minutes. It is important that you fill out the application as fully as possible. Once you are done with your application you should return it to your local Food Stamp office.

What happens next?

Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by a caseworker who will then determine if more information is required from you.You will get a letter in the mail stating what your caseworker has determined is needed if anything is needed. You also probably get a date for an appointment in the office or for a phone interview. It is important that you get the additional requested documents by that date of this appointment in order to make sure you are improved as quickly as possible. It is also very important that you keep your scheduled appointment, or having to reschedule will also set you back. Once you have attended your appointment and provide all the necessary information which may include income verifications such as pay stubs, expense proof such as rent receipts or mortgage payment receipts, also childcare receipts. After the appointment you will receive another letter stating that decision in your case. If you have been approved you will then get another letter that will include your plastic EBT card, the card will have to be activated which is done by telephone in order to be used. Once it is activated you will be able to make food purchases where ever the food stamps are accepted. The amount that you are approved for will be based on the size of your household and your income and expenses. The amount that you receive can be anywhere from $200-$1200.If you would like more information and free updates regarding the food stamp process just sign up on this site.

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